Fabric mask in "Row of Gnomes"

Fabric mask in "Row of Gnomes"

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*Please note that masks are made to order, and may take several weeks to ship.*

My masks are often backed with unbleached cotton muslin for additional comfort against your skin. My standard pleated masks are made from the “Deaconess” pattern, and consist of two layers of 100% cotton with one layer of filter fabric sewn in. They may be tossed in the washing machine, treated as delicates; we recommend handwashing if possible, to prolong their life. 

Please also note if your head is atypically large or small.

  • Ear elastics are quickest to put on / take off, and are ideal for short walks, shopping errands, etc.
  • Head / neck elastics are most comfortable for long wear
  • Fabric ties are also comfortable for long wear, but a little time-consuming to tie; mostly recommended for those who want to customize fit
  • Head elastic / neck tie OR neck elastic / head tie is most useful for those working long shifts, who want to be able to drop / lift mask easily for eating & drinking, and then re-secure it while minimizing risk of touching the exterior

We encourage you to be safe and stylish when wearing your cloth mask by layering it over an N95, KN95, or well-fitting surgical mask. CDC guidance indicates that masks such as an N95 or KN95 offer higher protection against COVID-19.

For orders to be shipped internationally (outside the U.S.) and other questions, please contact us at serendibkitchen@gmail.com.